Release Update: Hudu Teller 2.1.0

Hudu Teller (version 2.1.0) is here, with a bunch of new changes. While we typically aim for weekly releases, we’ve had a recent surge in demo requests and have been a little slower than usual on getting this release out. We apologize and are working on scaling our feature development team.

Anyways, here is what has changed:

  • Office 365 Integration. You can now import users, licenses, assigned services, and mailbox storage information directly from a client’s Office 365 Portal.
  • Use folders to group articles. You can have folders in both company knowledge bases and global knowledge bases
  • You can now “Pin” favorite articles, assets, passwords, companies, and more.
  • Fixed a bug regarding having multiple date calendars on the same page.
  • New header with Pins, Recents, and more.
  • Fixed a bug regarding renaming asset fields
  • Fixed a bug regarding some activity logs reporting “HuduBot” instead of “Guest”
  • As an admin or super admin, you can now delete revisions that may contain sensitive data.
  • Add variables in alerts. We also added a couple tutorials on setting up Hudu with Slack, and Discord.
  • Test Webhooks within Hudu.
  • Added the ability to export locally. You can export either a specific company or global data.
  • Added notes to Websites.
  • Fixed archived articles issue.
  • Added ability to “globalize” a company knowledge base article.
  • Added archived articles to the Museum.
  • Added ability to invite users to your account without having to email.
  • Integration data is now included within asset search.
  • Various other bug fixes/enhancements.