Release Update: Hudu 2.21

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+ Highlighted Features

  • Bulk Insert Users Into Hudu Through CSV Importing
  • Upgrade the Tech Stack behind Hudu to Latest and Greatest for speed and ease of future development
  • New quick adder for adding info in Hudu
  • Fixes for instability issues
  • QOL updates

+ QOL Updates

  • URLs with ports now work in browser extension
  • New buttons in header will make it easier to navigate through Recents, Favorites, etc.
  • Open in new tab added to editor

+ General Fixes

  • Bug with process permissions workflow fixed
  • Password relation bug is now fixed
  • Image clone feature now works more reliably
  • Change links to new help center throughout Hudu
  • Hints not appearing for checkboxes in forms fix

+ API Fixes/Updates

  • Add ability to search endpoints via API
  • PublicPhotos API endpoint (allowing you to now insert images via API)