Hudu 2

The Hudu team is very excited to share what we have been working on to the world, the brand new Hudu 2, available starting today. MUCH has changed, and so without further ado, here’s the breakdown of what’s new in Hudu 2:

Self-hosted Hudu!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Hudu 2 is by default self-hosted. This means you and your client’s documentation will stay under your control at all times. We have worked really hard on making this easy to setup and host via Docker and Docker Compose.

Pricing changes

Hudu serves MSPs of all shapes and sizes, and we wanted to reflect that in our pricing. We now offer three self-hosted plans, as well as our hosted Magic Cloud.

Hudu Processes

There is now a better way to keep track of checklists and workflows with Hudu Processes. Easily track which employees are doing each task and create templates to make building workflows even easier!

More Integrations

We have launched integrations with SyncroMSP, Atera, RepairShopr, as well as revamped our ConnectWise Manage integration.

Better Integration Matching

Integrations now use a two-step matching algorithm. This allows for better selectivity regarding which companies you want to allow in to your Hudu.

New Design

Hudu got a facelift! We moved to a left side navbar to provide better readability on mobile devices. Our mobile sidebar now displays fully on tablets and mobile devices!

Share Knowledge Base Articles

Under each Knowledge Base Article, you will now see a link that you can use to share an article out to the public.

Password Improvements

All passwords are shareable now, as well as display the number of times each password has been compromised.


You can now easily duplicate assets and processes into the same company. Just click the “Duplicate” button on each asset.

Show/Hide Archived in Recents

By default, archived assets, articles, and processes are now hidden on the Recently Viewed lists. You can easily toggle this off to show archived, if you want.


Alerts are now capable of sending webhooks. This allows you to tie into Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and more.


Versions got a big aesthetic upgrade. They now look more like an actual timeline of the events that occurred for that entity.

Employee Stats

We have added stats to the employee overview page, so you can now see useful information regarding how each employee is using Hudu.

Bug fixes and Stability Improvements

We squashed bugs customers reported, including a ConnectWise Manage connection issue, an auto-logout issue, and a website history bug.